The Sclupzilla
February 17, 2022

The Sculpzilla

The Sculpzilla is a fantastic pattern for spring run-off. It’s heavy, articulated, and can be tied in a wide array of colours. Whether you’re fishing it with floating lines from a boat, or heavier sink tips on a walk and wade, there is a Sculpzilla tailored just for you! 


Hook: OPST Swing Hook - Size 2-6

Shank: Aqua Flies Round Eye Shank - 26-33MM

Lead Free Wire - .20MM

Thread: UNI Big Fly 400D - White

Trailer Wire: 20LB Dacron Backing

Cone: Hareline X-Eyed Cone - Medium

Eyes: Fish Skull Living Eyes - Wind 4.0MM

Wing: Hareline Rabbit Strips - Grizzly

Dubbing: Hareline Ice Dub - UV Red

Collar 1: Hareline Strung Marabou Blood Quills - Tan

Collar 2: Hareline Strung Guinea Feathers - Red

Collar 3: Hareline Grizzly Marabou - Tan

Loon UV Resin - Thin

Zap-A-Gap - Medium CA



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