Avalon Permit Fly
December 04, 2022

Avalon Permit Fly

This past week, a few customers with saltwater trips have asked about tying saltwater flies, specifically the Avalon. The Avalon Permit fly has quickly risen to being the top fly for Permit fishing in Cuba. The fly was originally created by Mauro Ginervi, and worked tirelessly on creating a fly that would swim true and would not turn when stripped. In addition to the larger than normal appearance, he added a weighted keel that not only helped the fly swim correctly but also added a clicking noise when stripped. Not fishing for Permit? Don’t hesitate to bring a few of these as well when fishing for Bonefish! Happy tying! 


Hook: Daiichi 2546 - Size 2

Thread: UTC 140 - Tan, Fl Orange

Eyes: Hareline Heavy Lead Eyes Nickel - Large

Keel: Scientific Anglers Hard Mono AR - 25LB

Beads: Hareline Dazzle Brass Beads Silver - 3.8MM

Mouth: Hareline Arctic Fox Hair - Hot Orange

Antennae: Hareline Krystal Flash - Black

Legs: Hareline Loco Legs - Orange Shrimp

Body: Hareline Strung Marabou Blood Quill - Tan

Shell: Hareline Flat Diamond Braid - Pearl

Claws: Hareline Rabbit Strips - Light Brown



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