July 24, 2021

Southwestern Alberta

Southwestern Alberta

The majority of the rivers seem to be hanging around there seasonal average, and visibility seems to be very similar to what we are seeing on the Bow, amazing. Fishing dries has been quite productive as of late. If that isn't your jam, the hopper dropper and nymphing fishing has been just as good.

The fish seemed to have moved into their summer spots and have become a lot more eager to take a fly off the surface (granted it is placed in the right spot). Still, it seems that they are in somewhat of the more technical spots, so don't pass over any of the mediocre water during these times. When throwing dries it seems that the key to having success is getting down to the right size of fly and presenting it drag-free. The main bugs for this neck of the woods are Green Drakes, Pale Morning Duns, Caddis (both in their adult and pupa stage). As of late, everything that has been getting eaten is around a #14-16 so any of that variety should do the trick.

Weather/Flow Rates:

  • Weather:

  • Flow:


  • Streamers: Jointed Urchin Tan #4, Coffey's Sparkle Minnow JJ #4-8, Doc's Articulator Olive #4, Dornan's Chicklet Olive/White #4, Kreelex Purple/Silver/Black #6, Weise's P3 Bugger Tan #6-12
  • Nymphs: Brassie #16-20, Copper John #12-18, Jig Pheasant Tail #16, Evil Weevil #14-18, Rainbow Czech Nymph #14-18, Dirty Hipster Olive #14-18, Jimi Legs Tan #8-12, UV Czech Nymph #12-16, Latex Caddis #14-18
  • Dries:  Gould's Half-down Salmonfly #4, Saliga's Low-Rider #6-8, Adams #12-18, Last Chance Cripple Green drake #10-14, Kellers's Rocky Mountain Mint Purple #14-18, CDC Hot Butt Emerger Caddis #12-16, Keller's SBS PMD #14-18, Evan's Foam Baby Tan or Purple #10-14