Southern Alberta
July 10, 2024

Southern Alberta

The rivers and creeks to the south of us look like they are finally in remission from this year's runoff and if everything goes according to plan, will be in good shape within the next week and a half(ish). Good news for those of you who can't wait, it sounds like the majority of the rivers are clear and the occasional cuttie is starting to look up (not consistently though). The main thing right now is to stay persistent. The fishing may be tough but the more you work at dialing in (ie. flipping rocks and figuring out what is actually in the water for bugs) what pattern you are going to throw the more success you will have.

As an aid on where to start the day here is what we would suggest as a starting point. As far as size goes, the main thing is going to be matching the size of what you are currently seeing but as a general guidance, we will try and throw in our size suggestions to the hatches listed. Current Hatches:
  • Golden Stones #8-12
  • Lime and Yellow Sallies # 10-14
  • Caddis #14-16
  • Pale Morning Duns (PMD's) #14-18
Things are still a bit slow at the start of the day so don't hesitate to start your day with a hopper-dropper or hopper-dry dropper (using a PMD as your backfly). The subsurface stuff has proven to be very successful starting out so if that yanks your chain more, by all means! Just remember, when using the nymphing or streamer strategy, adding a split shot can help keep the fly in the right zone.

      Weather/Flow Rates, Follow The Link's Below:




      • Streamers: Jointed Urchin Tan #4, Wilson's Sparkle Minnow Sculpin #4-8, Doc's Articulator Olive #4, Galloup's Dungeon Olive/Black #4, McClure's Kill Whitey White #2, Sherik's Public Flasher Pink, Ron's Cone Leech Olive #4-8, Trevor's Mini-Loop Sculpin Olive #6, Bjorn's Hog Hooker Rainbow #4, The Grinch #6
      • Nymphs: Brassie Red #16-20, Copper John Black #16-18, Pink Squirrel Jig #14-16, Rainbow Czech Nymph #16-18, Frenchie Olive #16-18, T.J. Hooker Brown #4-10, UV Rainbow Czech Nymph #12-16, TJ's Rainbow Assassin #16-18, Jiggy Catch Rubberleg Coffee #8-12, Bloom's Tungdart #14-18, Kryptonite Caddis #14-18, BH Bitch Creek #4-10, Skerik's Tung n' Groove Purple #14-16, Bloom's Optic Nerve PT #12-16, BH Stonefly Foxy Brown #4-6
      • Dries: Rocky Mountain Mint Purple #14-18, Purple Haze #12-18, Adams #12-20, Hackle Dun PMD #16-20, PMD Tilt Wing #14-18, Last Chance Cripple PMD #16-20, Fools Gold Golden Stone #6-10, Dornan's Water Walker Peanut #6-12, Dornan's Micro Sally #10-14, Lime or Royal Trude #12, Barry's Fat Black Golden Stone #6-12, Dornan's Purple Micro Bruce #12-18, Fat Albert #6-12, Hi-vis Foam Back Caddis #14