May 19, 2022

Southern Alberta

Southern Alberta

Fishing on the southern streams has been good but the warm weather seems to be messing around with the levels slightly. With that being said it sounds like the fishing has still been nothing short of good with a lot of fish being caught on nymphs and the occasional streamer eat being sprinkled in. When making a trip it can often be like flipping a coin when it comes to wind conditions, especially with warmer weather looming in the forecast. Should you choose to make a trip down to this neck of the woods keep an eye on the weather forecast and flow charts and don't forget to check wind speeds as well (casting a fly into the wind is never a fun thing).

During these times, it is imperative when nymphing that you are always ticking the bottom. So, if you don't see your indicator dancing on the top it might be worth lengthening your nymph rig as that is the name of the game. If you are lost as to where to start your day with nymphs are top two suggestions are either stonefly nymphs or a nice little BWO nymph. After trying those, the world is your oyster try whatever you please (just remember to pick something relevant to the hatches going on)! When dialing in the main size window, the key is going to be getting down to the smaller sizes (#16-20).

When talking about the other core strategies for early spring fishing, streamers have started to pick up a bit more with fish eating some leeches on the dead drift. The main colors that should be hitting are your blacks, browns, and anything with a hot collar or hot tag. In regards to the dry fly stuff right now it sounds like it is very sporadic but with warmer temperatures approaching that should all change.

The best piece of advice we can give during these times is to take the time to find the right size. You never know what's going to happen on these rivers so make sure you bring your full fly selection.


Weather/Flow Rates, Follow The Link's Below:




  • Streamers: Jointed Urchin Tan #4, Coffey's Sparkle Minnow JJ #4-8, Doc's Articulator Olive #4, Dornan's Chicklet Olive/White #4, Kreelex Purple/Silver/Black #6, Weise's P3 Bugger Tan #6-12, Ron's Cone Leech Olive #4-8
  • Nymphs: Brassie Red #16-20, Copper John #12-18, Tungsten Red Butt Jig #14-18, Evil Weevil #14-18, Rainbow Czech Nymph #14-18, Frenchie Olive #14-18, Jimi Legs Olive/Brown #8-12, UV Rainbow Czech Nymph #12-16, BH Bitch Creek #4-8
  • Dries:  Purple Haze #12-18, No Hackle Baetis #18-22, CDC Midge Dun  #16, GT Adult BWO #16-20, Stillborn Midge White or Black #18-20, Parachute Adams #16-22