Southern Alberta
February 26, 2024

Southern Alberta

The Crowsnest and surrounding waters have been dealing with conditions similar to what we have been seeing here on the bow just with some more aggressive overnight temperatures. Because of this the mornings have been relatively slow and the majority of the fish have been getting caught on subsurface flies. Although the majority of the fish have been caught subsurface, that is not to say that you won't have a dry fly opportunity if the weather spikes at all (which this Wednesday it looks like it will). No matter what you plan to fish when you are making a trip down here make sure you try to bring anything and everything you could possibly want to use that day. 

As is the case with most winter reports, the majority of the fishing will be focusing on subsurface activity (there may be some surface action but we aren't going to guarantee that). Levels are low on a lot of the rivers south of us so more attention will need to be given to the deeper holes. During these times, make sure your fly is getting deep and staying in contact with the rocks, thus, making your indicator dance on the surface (mending will be very important to keep this up the whole drift through). We understand that nymphing doesn't yank everybody's chain the same way so if you want to fish a streamer, by all means! Just remember that when throwing the meat give more attention to your leech sizes than the big ungodly articulated stuff.

Lastly, remember, the wind can get a bit hairy down this way so make sure you are checking the forecast before you plan to head down that way. The last thing you want to do is winter fish with 40km winds! If you are planning to head south for a day's fish remember that the majority of the water is closed. There is, however, a handful of spots that are still open and they are as follows:

  • Crowsnest River: Mainstem from the outlet of Crowsnest Lake downstream to the Cowley Bridge
  • Oldman River: Oldman Reservoir dam downstream to Sec. Rd. 509


      Weather/Flow Rates, Follow The Link's Below:




      • Streamers: Jointed Urchin Tan #4, Wilson's Sparkle Minnow Sculpin #4-8, Doc's Articulator Olive #4, Galloup's Dungeon Olive/Black #4, McClure's Kill Whitey White #2, Sherik's Public Flasher Pink, Ron's Cone Leech Olive #4-8, Trevor's Mini-Loop Sculpin Olive #6, Bjorn's Hog Hooker Rainbow #4, The Grinch #6
      • Nymphs: Brassie Red #16-20, Copper John Black #16-18, Patriot Soft Hackle Red Ass #14-18, Rainbow Czech Nymph #16-18, Frenchie Olive #16-18, T.J. Hooker Coffee/Brown #4-10, UV Rainbow Czech Nymph #12-16, TJ's Rainbow Assassin #16-18, Tungsten Ready Baetis Nymph #16-20, Jiggy Lightning Bug Black #16-20, Jiggy Catch Rubberleg Coffee #8-12, Bloom's Tungdart #14-18, Kryptonite Caddis #14-18
      • Dries:  Fojay's Bank Feeder Baetis #16-20, Rocky Mountain Mint Adams #14-20, Purple Haze #12-18, Smoke Jumper Midge Red or Black #18-20, Adams #12-20, Grizzly CDC Midge #16-20, Midge Emerger #18-20, Griffith's Gnat #18-20