June 21, 2021

Runoff Alternatives

Runoff Alternatives

Water Levels have definitely been a tough obstacle to work your fishing adventures around this year. And the foreseeable forecast is not in our favor either. Water levels are high almost everywhere you go, and clarity is always questionable depending on the recent rain the area has received.

If you are looking to get out but don't feel like trying to tackle high water levels, the lakes are your second best option.

Pike fishing has proven to be very productive as of late and customers and staff members alike have been getting out to poke a couple. All lakes have been fishing good in the Parkland. Crawling Valley Reservoir, Magee Lake (Lower Chain), Snake Reservoir, McGregor Lake, and Keho Lake are just a handful of places that we recommend checking out. If pike doesn't really tickle your fancy that okay, there are still plenty of trout lakes to check out. Premiere, Whitetail, Echo, as well as Birch lake have been fishing good and would not be bad decisions for spots to check out.

If you are looking for something a little closer to town for trout or grayling, check out Grotto Pond, Wedge Pond, Quarry Pond, and Bear Pond have all been fishing productively this year. If your heading to one of these ponds, don't forget your leeches in a variety of different colors.