February 07, 2023

Southern BC

Southern BC

Winter fishing sounds like it's been a bit slower for our neighbors out east. With a decent amount of winter water open and accessible people are still managing to get a fish or two when they go out for a day's fish. 

The tactics are very similar to what we would be trying here on the bow. The only difference would be that you won't be able to do a double fly rig or any combination for that matter (as you are only allowed a single hook in BC):

  • Nymph rig
  • Worm rig (try a squirmy worm to start)
  • Euro Nymphing (if you can find an accessible hole)
  • Streamers on the swing (fishing low and slow on a tight line)

Don't let the single hook approach deter you because with the right amount of rocks being flipped and flies being changed you should be able to find the magic fly before the day is up.

*A note to the streamer enthusiasts*

As far as color schemes are concerned the best that we have found to work for us here in the shop are white and red, white and pink, and olive and black. It is important to add that all of these should have a good amount of flash included in them as it seems that the flashier the fly the better the hook-up results.

Weather/Flow Rates, Follow The Link's Below:




  • Streamers: McClure's Kill Whitey Mottled Tan #1/0, Galloups Dungeon White #2, Dolly Lama Flesh/Tan as well as Pink/White #2 or #6, CH Sparkle Minnow Pink #6, Yo Mama's Lama Tan #2 or #4, Skerik’s Apex Predator Pink #5/0, Skerik's Public Flasher Pink or Grey #2, Trick or Treat White/Pink #2/0, Brayden's Musky Killer Chartreuse/Black #5/0, Menage a Dungeon Olive/Yellow #4
  • Nymphs: Optic Nerve Pheasant Tail #12-16, Purple Prince Nymph #14-16, Dirty Hipster Olive #10-14, Tungsten Jig Assassin #12 and 14, Czech Nymph UV #12-16, Dirty Hipster Black #12-16, Evil Weevil Purple #16-18, TJ Rainbow Assassin #12-16, TJ's Hooker Black/Coffee #8-12
  • Dries: Bloom's Stealth Ant Purple #12-18, Hi-Vis Flying Ant Black #14-18, CDC Thorax Slate Grey Drake #12-14, Jake's High-Vis Caddis Tan #12-18, Dornans Micro Water Walker #12-18, BWO Polywing Spinner #16-19, Water Walker Black #10, Humpy Chernobyl Black #10-16, Griffith's Gnat #18-22