September 23, 2022

Southern BC

Southern BC
The South Kootenay's seem to have really hit their stride in regard to rivers. The Elk and surrounding cutthroat streams have been super good with dries of all kinds (best results, however, have been on little terrestrials) while the bull trout rivers though they have slowed slightly are all still fishing quite well with big white meaty streamers.
When getting into the nitty gritty of where fish are and what exactly they're eating we want to start first with where to find them. Most of your cutties have moved into their usual haunts such as the surface tickle sections, small seams, and glassy pools. As for the bulls, they are still hunkered down at the bottom of your big plunge pools. Aside from these spots, we have heard reports coming in from customers that they are also finding a good amount of fish in something as shallow as a foot and a half depression on the side of the bank as well as the gravel bar drop-offs.

When you are preparing to head out to the Kootenay's we suggest that you bring along an ample amount of the following:

  • BWO's
  • Midge
  • Caddis
  • Streamers in white or pink


Weather/Flow Rates, Follow The Link's Below:




  • Streamers: McClure's Kill Whitey Mottled Tan #1/0, Galloups Dungeon White #2, Dolly Lama Flesh/Tan as well as Pink/White #2 or #6, CH Sparkle Minnow Pink #6, Yo Mama's Lama Tan #2 or #4, Doc's Articulator #6, Stroli's Ice Pick Baby Rainbow #4, Eric's Jealousy White/Black #2, Sherik's Public Flasher Pink or Grey #2
  • Nymphs: Optic Nerve Pheasant Tail #12-16, Purple Prince Nymph #14-16, Dirty Hipster Olive #10-14, Tungsten Jig Assassin #12 and 14, Czech Nymph UV #12-16, Dirty Hipster Black #12-16, Evil Weevil Purple #16-18, TJ Rainbow Assassin #12-16, BWO Killer #16-20
  • Dries: Bloom's Stealth Ant Purple #12-18, Hi-Vis Flying Ant Black #14-18, CDC Thorax Slate Grey Drake #12-14, Jake's High-Vis Caddis Tan #12-18, Dornans Micro Water Walker #12-18, BWO Polywing Spinner #16-19, Water Walker Black #10, Humpy Chernobyl Black #10-16, Griffith's Gnat #18-22