Southern BC
October 25, 2023

Southern BC

All things considered for this time of the year, fishing in the East Kootenay's has been good. The majority of the streams that are staying open this way will fish very similar to what our Southern Alberta streams if you are going for cutts. However, if you have a bull trout craving and you're headed towards one of the bigger rivers try to have a big god awful streamer with you as the bulls have just started to really pout on the feed bags.

As far as strategies go they will be very similar to how you would be approaching the Crow right now. A lot of your attention should be focused on the deeper pools with more of the activity being subsurface. Right now using a scud or a soft hackle should get the job done. Because when in BC you can only use a single hook, mastering the depth will be imperative so that you can get the hookups you want. The fish have been techy as of late so make sure you have the right things with you to stay as stealthy as possible. Streamers have been half decent too with fish eating patterns with not a whole lot of rhyme or reason (if you don't know where to start your day give a Big Gulp Sculpin or Sparkle Minnow a try). Fishing can be tough as we are into the winter months now, so if you are making a trip this way maybe try to plan it when a chinook coming to make the day a little bit easier on you.

Weather/Flow Rates, Follow The Link's Below:




  • Streamers: McClure's Kill Whitey Mottled Tan #1/0, Galloups Dungeon White #2, Dolly Lama Flesh/Tan as well as Pink/White #2 or #6, CH Sparkle Minnow Pink #6, Yo Mama's Lama Tan #2 or #4, Skerik’s Apex Predator Pink #5/0, Skerik's Public Flasher Pink or Grey #2, Trick or Treat White/Pink #2/0, Brayden's Musky Killer Chartreuse/Black #5/0, Menage a Dungeon Olive/Yellow #4
  • Nymphs: Optic Nerve Pheasant Tail #12-16, Purple Prince Nymph #14-16, Dirty Hipster Olive #10-14, Tungsten Jig Assassin #12 and 14, Czech Nymph UV #12-16, Dirty Hipster Black #12-16, Evil Weevil Purple #16-18, TJ Rainbow Assassin #12-16, TJ's Hooker Black/Coffee #8-12
  • Dries: Griffith's Gnat #18-22, H+L Variant #12-18, CDC Midge #18-20, Cluster Midge #16-20, Smoke Jumper Black #18-20, Purple Haze #12-20, Dun Midge Cluster #18-20