Grillos' El Camino Skwala
April 21, 2022

Grillos' El Camino Skwala

The El Camino was created by one of my favourite and most respected fly-tyers, Andrew Grillos. Andrew has several patterns tied commercially and chances are you’ve probably fished one or two. This Skwala pattern has an awesome low-riding profile, sitting lower in the water than other similar foam patterns.  For Yellow Stones, substitute a few colours and you have yet again, a killer stonefly pattern. 


Hook: Daiichi 1260 - Size 12

Thread: UTC 140 - Olive

Tail: MFC Sexi-Floss Medium - Olive Barred

Underbody: Hareline Ice Dub - Olive Brown

Overbody: Hareline Thin Fly Foam 2mm - Brown

Underwing: Hareline Midge Flash - Pearl

Overwing: Hareline Elk Hair - Natural

Legs: MFC Sexi-Floss Medium - Olive Barred

Indicator: Hareline Thin Fly Foam 2mm - Chartreuse

Antennae: MFC Sexi-Floss Medium - Olive Barred



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