Uni-Floss & Neon Uni-Floss

$3.25 CAD

Uni-Floss & Neon Uni-Floss

UNI-Floss is a single strand floss, 600 denier, strong and shiny. Salmon fly dressers (as well as other fly-tiers) will appreciate the wide range of pattern matching colours. 15YD spools

UNI-Products has introduce a new line of super-bright fluorescent floss, UNI-Floss Neon. A two-ply, 600 denier trilobal (like Antron) polyester, Neon has radiant sheen. 15YD spools

While these Neon are colours commonly used for tags on salmon and steelhead patterns, the new neon floss will also add an extra zip to any floss-bodied pattern. Can be mixed with your dubbin to add some colors into it.

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