Scott Radian 2H Two Handed

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Scott Radian Two Handed

Light in hand with high line speed, and loads of feel, Radian two handers are perfect for anglers who prefer “touch and go” casts and an up-tempo stroke. They deliver power smoothly and load progressively so whether you’re fishing a close lie against the bank or a seam on the far side of the river, Radian two handers maintain their feel and loop control exceptionally well.
Fit with the finest components of any two hander, these rods are equally impressive for their craftsmanship. Reel seats are milled from aluminum bar stock and treated with type 3 hard coat in flat black. Stripping guides are titanium with SiC rings complemented with Snakebrand Universal snake guides. Grips are turned from the best cork of the harvest.
These rods love Scandi heads and long belly lines, but will deliver Skagit systems with ease too.

Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
R 1257/4 7 12' 6" $1600
R 1308/4 8 13' 0" $1600
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
R 1409/4 9 14' 0" $1600
R 1510/4 10 15' 0" $1600
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
R 1259/4 9 12' 6" $1600
R 1610/4 10 16' 0" $1600
  Scandi (grains) Skagit (grains)*
Radian 2H - 1257/4 480 520
Radian 2h - 1308/4 520 560
Radian 2h - 1409/4 580 640
Radian 2h - 1510/4 680 720

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