Sawyer 9' MXS Oar Brown Trout Shaft W/ Dynelite Narrow Blade Pair

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Sawyer 9' MXS Oar Brown Trout Shaft W/ Dynelite  Narrow Blade Pair

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The Sawyer Artisan MXS Oar features a light weight, exceptional strength shaft that is upgraded with prints of fish species from artists around the country passionate about fisheries and fishing art. The core of the MX system is the longitudinal fiberglass shaft, available in a variety of upgrades. Combine this with the blade that best fits your needs and rowing style and you have a truly customized oar that has the best balance of strength, weight, flex, durability and supports the Guide Relief Program!


  • Tough fiberglass whitewater oar shaft
  • Comes standard with rope wrap and rubber stop
  • Laminated Fir barrel grip with vinyl rubber grip covers
  • Artisan Fish Art Wrap:
    • Brown Trout by Ty Hallock
  • Interchangeable blades via TiteSet Blade Lock - solid, fail safe connection that won't rattle or jam


  • Available lengths: 8' to 12' (overall length)
  • MXS Shaft diameter: 1 5/8" I.D.
  • Grip Diameter: Standard (1 5/8") or Small (1 1/2")

The DyneLite Oar Blade is the lightest whitewater proven blade made. Carbon fiber is laid over a laminated Douglas Fir core resulting in an oar blade that is stiff, super tough, and incredibly light. The edges are reinforced with our Dynel and Kevlar ProTip for extra protection against the rocks. Now available in a Stubby 24" length (total overall oar length will be 6" shorter with Stubby blades).


  • Carbon fiber and laminated Douglas Fir wood oar blade
  • Sealed and finished with the finest marine grade varnish.
  • TiteSet Blade Lock - solid, fail-safe connection to your oar that won't silt up, rattle, or jam.
  • Comes standard with Pro Tip - super tough Dynel/Kevlar blade tip protection.