Patagonia Tenkara 8'6"

Patagonia Tenkara 8'6"

Our 8' 6" tenkara rod is well-suited as an all-around rod for smaller anglers, small-stream fishing or anywhere casting space is limited.

Small streams guarded by heavy cover offer undisturbed pools and wild fish, but tight casting space makes them a bounty most anglers will never claim. Those who dream of nothing but slinking off in pursuit of that bright-finned treasure will appreciate the faster action and compactness of this 8' 6" tenkara rod. Scaled down in size but not in performance, it’s well suited as an all-around rod for smaller anglers, or anyone who wants to earn their PhD in fishing challenging conditions. The rod telescopes from an easily packed 20" to full length in seconds; a simple line keeper on the butt section means you’re set up and fishing in matter of minutes. The rod sock holds a spare tip and second section (included), protects the rod in its compact state and has a built-in line holder that stores the line in a wide loop when not in use.

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