Hatch Plus Gen 2 Finatic Reels - Freshwater

Hatch Plus Gen 2 Finatic Reels - Freshwater

Hatch 2 Plus Gen 2 Finatic

Small water perfection. The 2 Plus is rated for 2 through 4 weight lines, weighs only 3.7 oz. without line, and measures 3” in diameter. Match up with your favorite lightweight fly rod and you’re ready to fish any small stream, lake, or favorite dry fly stretch of water. Fully CNC machined in Vista, CA with a proprietary Rulon/Stainless Steel stacked disk drag, the 2 Plus is available in 5 color options and Large arbor only.


20# Dacron/LA Spool: WF2F-70, WF3F-60, WF4F-50, hatch-premiumla-spool-wf2f-70-wf3f-60-wf4f-50

Hatch 3 Plus Gen 2 Finatic

The 3 Plus is capable of running 3–5 weight lines with ample backing capacity for the occasional whopper that might come along. At first glance you’ll notice this ain’t no dainty trout reel. This little wonder means business.


20# Dacron/LA Spool: WF3F-110, Wf4F-100, WF5F-80, 20# Dacron/MA Spool: WF4F-130, WF5F-115, Hatch Premium/LA Spool: WF3F-118, WF4F-108, WF5F-86, Hatch Premium/MA Spool: WF4F-140, WF5F-124

Hatch 4 Plus Gen 2 Finatic

The 4 Plus bridges the gap in size and weight between the 3 and 5 plus models. If you’re looking for the perfect reel for your 9′ 5 weight rod then look no further. Designed to be the perfect 5 weight reel — but feels equally balanced with 4-6 weight lines as well.


 20# Dacron/LA Spool: WF5F-100, WF6F-80, 20# Dacron/MA Spool: WF5F-160, WF6F-130, Hatch Premium/LA Spool: WF5F-110, WF6F-88, Hatch Premium/MA Spool: WF5F-170, WF6F-140

Hatch 5 Plus Gen 2 Finatic

We’ve used this workhorse surf fishing in So Cal, light steelheading in Oregon, chucking nasty streamers to ravenous browns in Montana, and stalking bones on the flats in Belize. We call this bad boy the “do it all” reel — designed for running 5–7 line weights.


 20# Dacron/LA Spool: WF5F-130, WF6F-110, WF7F-100, 20# Dacron/MA Spool: WF5F-200, WF6F-180, WF7F-160, Hatch Premium/LA Spool: WF5F-140, WF6F-118, WF7F-108, Hatch Premium/MA Spool: WF5F-216, WF6F-194, WF7F-172

Hatch 7 Plus Gen 2 Finatic

If I was stranded on a desert island and had only one reel to bring, it would be the 7 Plus. We have sold more of these bad boys than any other size in the Hatch line up. From bonefish to permit, steelhead to carp, this reel has you covered. The perfect crossover reel for both salt and fresh water fly fishing.


 20# Dacron/LA Spool: WF7F-220, WF8F-210, WF9F-200, 20# Dacron/MA Spool: WF7F-280, WF8F-270, WF9F-260, Hatch Premium/LA Spool: WF7F-360, WF8F-325, WF9F-295, Hatch Premium/MA Spool: WF7F-415, WF8F-380, WF9F-370


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